Come Home To The Future
From the installation to the equipment used, quality and aesthetic at IslandWide Energy is never compromised.
Solar Panels
Power Optimizers
Battery Storage (optional)
Micro Inverters
EV Charge Stations (optional)
The Complete IslandWide Energy System
We custom build an energy system that's perfect for you and your home. Our systems are designed to evolve with your energy needs if/when the time comes. 
Watch Your System Perform In Real Time
 Once we install your new IslandWide Energy system, you will be able to monitor your daily, weekly, and monthly energy production.
The IslandWide Energy Warranty
Unlike other solar contractors, IslandWide Energy makes sure your entire system is covered. If we touched it, we cover it. No fine print.
Solar Panels
Micro Inverters




Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some of the most common questions about going solar
Q. Do I need to put any money down?
A.  Nope. Zero money down and your bills can be reduced starting on day one. Everyone’s financial situation is unique so we offer a variety of different financing options that will best suit your individual needs.
Q. Will I need a new roof before I get solar?
A. Your roof does not need to be new but a site evaluation is always done to confirm the integrity of the existing structure is suitable for the solar install. If the roof is too old or damaged for solar, you may now be eligible to bundle a new roof with your solar energy system and potentially reap the benefits of the 30% federal tax credit to BOTH the roof and the solar energy system. Disclaimer: All financial situations are unique and we always recommend consulting with your accountant to confirm eligibility.
Q.  What happens if I want to add an extension or eventually change my roof?
A.   We can arrange to have our IslandWide Energy installer remove and later reinstall the system for your convenience. This process typically involves a one-time $500 fee.
Q. Will PSEG pay me for the electricity my panels generate?
A. Yes! The power company has been mandated by NYS to buy their customers solar energy. This is called Net Metering and you will receive energy credits worth the same amount they would charge others. Credits are worth 22 cents per KWH and can be used toward any outstanding balances incurred during times of no sunlight.
Q. What happens to my panels if I decide to sell my house?
A. With a solar energy system you’ve now created some leverage. On average a home with solar will sell about 17% - 20% faster than a home without. Also, an average mid-sized home will typically increase it’s resale value by roughly $30,000 after going solar.
Q. Will a solar system increase my property taxes?
A. No. New York State tax laws are set up so you will see no rise in property taxes as a result of the property value increasing. This is yet another reason a solar energy system is one of the best investments you can make.
Q. Is the IslandWide Energy System a purchase or a lease?
A. Our company has always, and only, been a solar purchase provider. We believe – and the industry agrees with us – that a lease program is simply not a good financial choice. If you were to lease, you would not receive the 30% Federal tax credit and you will be left making payments forever. This can also further complicate the selling process if you ever decided to move. Purchasing our system makes you the utility and puts you in a position of leverage and financial flexibility.
Q.Will my panels produce energy when it snows or on cloudy/rainy days?
A. Yes, the system will always produce when sunlight is present but at a fractional amount. Our micro invertor technology isolates any panel(s) that experience less sunlight, allowing for optimal efficiency from the remainder of the system.
Q. Will the system heat my house water and/or pool?
A.  If the equipment used to heat any source of water on your property is electric then yes, the water will be heated by the solar energy system. In fact, we advise homeowners to consider using electric as a heat source to capitalize on the clean and free energy they will produce.
Q. Do you sell ‘solar shingles’?
A. Nope. Solar shingles have a much lower efficiency rating and are - on average - 3x the average cost of a mounted system. Installation of solar shingles requires the messy and expensive removal of all existing roofing material. Many in the industry consider the solar shingle to still be in the ‘testing-phase’.
Still Have Questions?
For any other questions, please write us at or call us at 1-888-ISL-WIDE